Monday, September 28, 2015

Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Character and Story Details


Log Line:
  • Camp Half-Blood is a training camp for demi-gods.
  • Fantasy, comedy, action
The Debate:
  • Greek Gods and Goddesses "claim" their children when they first arrive at camp. The problem is that some of the Gods/Goddesses don't care about their children and leave the children behind in a cloud of mystery and unresolved problems. The Gods/Goddesses are distant parents and seemingly don't care about their children. The demi-gods would often pray to their parents, but their parents would never respond.
  • Percy Jackson was claimed a few days after he arrived to Camp Half-Blood, so he doesn't understand some of the other campers problems. 
  • Luke Castellan is a former camper, but betrayed the camp when he tried to poison Percy. He joined Kronos and tried to get back at the gods. Luke felt abandoned/betrayed by his father--Hermes. Zeus killed his best friend.
The Controlling Idea: 

The Great Prophecy: 
A Half-Blood of the eldest Gods,
Shall reach sixteen against all odds,
And see the World in endless sleep,
The Hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap,
A single choice shall end his days,
Olympus to preserve or raze


  • Percy Jackson
  • Annabeth Chase
  • Grover Underwood
Protagonist Details:
  • Percy Jackson is the son of Greek God, Poseidon. Percy can control water to an extent and can easily navigate the seas. He can also talk to horses. Percy is not the smartest character in the book. He has an obsession with blue food. Percy is the reckless hero. His fatal flaw is loyalty.
  • Percy is 12 years old in the first book. In the last book he turns 16 years old.
  • Male
  • Heterosexual
  • Loyal
  • Goofy
  • Brave
  • Intuitive
  • Acts before he thinks
  • Troublemaker
  • Sarcastic
  • Laid-back
  • rebellious
  • Powerful
  • Remains true to his word
  • Does not tolerate bullying of any kind
  • Strongly dislikes being manipulated
  • Hates being forced to obey
  • Overcomes hard obstacles
  • He represents Poseidon's good side; Powerful, but gentle and helpful
  • Percy is like water, he goes with the flow